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About Hippo

Hippo (like Hippocrates, not like the large semi-aquatic mammal that flips your canoe) was created as a response to the typical, old-school, boring, and ineffective medical education and board-review that we’ve all had to endure for so many decades. You know the flavor: pay a truckload of money to enroll in a course, pay more for travel, food, and hotel and then wake up early to cram yourself into a little conference room to watch endless hours of boring slides by mediocre presenters. We’ve all done it. Nowadays you can even buy that same course recorded onto 40 CD’s or watch a poor recording online. What fun…

Hippo Education is the opposite. We’re having fun and so will you. We take the best and most entertaining educators around, put them into a relaxed environment and let them shine and laugh. Then we package it all into amazing websites and audio programs, allowing you to eat up the content in any way you like and reinforce your learning in many learning-theory-based ways. You get the material in visual, audio, written, and question form. You even get to earn points as you claw your way to mastery from Amoeba level all the way up to Captain Cortex.

We started more than 10 years ago with our cutting edge medical education products. Over time, and thanks to your feedback and amazing support, we’ve expanded in a big way. Today, in addition to our board review course for emergency medicine, we offer a comprehensive pediatric emergency medicine curriculum, an outstanding AAPA review course for physician assistants as well as revolutionary new RAP programs focusing on pediatrics, primary care, and urgent care. As if that wasn't enough, we launched a Pediatrics set in 2017 Check it out.In 2021, we joined with a large national provider of online education and now operate as part of Colorado Technical University, which gives us access to greater resources to bring you more interesting content. We are constantly growing and developing new ways to put out outstanding medical education. And we have you, our amazing audience, to thank for it.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. We constantly upgrade and adapt our products to user needs. Lower rated lectures and educators are changed out on-the-fly based on user feedback. New advances in diagnosis and treatment are updated before you can say Hippocrates! And, any changes to the test or test topics are addressed right away. No waiting for a new “version” or edition.

So, if you love medicine, learning, and laughing then search no further – Hippo Education is for you!

We love to hear from you good, bad, or indifferent. Contact Us to ask questions or send your comments.

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