Crush your exam with an adaptive Qbank tailor-made to smash your weaknesses.

Make the most of your study time with high-quality questions, served up by an adaptive algorithm. Now, that’s high-yield.

What You Get

Adaptive algorithm

with evidence-based teaching techniques

1,925+ ABEM-style questions

meticulously crafted

Detailed Performance Data

in a real-time performance metrics dashboard

School Your Weak Areas with an Adaptive Algorithm

Every question you answer in Hippo’s EM Qbank teaches our algorithm what you need most. This saves you buckets of time and helps you focus on what you need to know-- not what you’ve already mastered. It’s like having your own personal trainer for your brain!

Our Secret Weapon: High-Yield Questions and Ingenious Testing Tactics

  • Get the pearl; toss the oyster. Instead of a bunch of filler or easy-to-game questions, get peer-reviewed questions generated by our master educators that focus on just what you need to know to pass the test.
  • Lock in learning at lightning speed. Evidence-based educational techniques are baked right into our algorithm, from adaptive spaced repetition to captology and the Fogg behavior model.
  • Stay up to date as you strengthen your weak areas. Our questions don’t sit around for years and years. We’re constantly adding hundreds of new true-to-test, ABEM-style question items to our ever-expanding database.

The Qbank Experience, Redesigned

Enjoy a sleek design experience and customizable quiz features, like a question timer, adjustable number of questions per session, test mode/study mode toggle, and more, including:

At-a-Glance Progress Tracker

Quickly see areas for improvement with visual indicators of your progress in a clean dashboard. Track your quiz history, get detailed performance metrics by topic and compare your scores to your fellow peers to see how you measure up.

Answer Confidence Meter

Don’t risk failing the boards due to inflated confidence. Blind “correct” guesses can skew your perception of how well you’ve actually mastered material. Our algorithm accounts for your personal confidence in each answer, helping you paint a more realistic picture of how you’re doing.

Earn Up to 160.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit(s)™

Thanks to detailed, high-quality answer explanations, earn a major chunk of CME while you master the key content you need to know for your exam.

EM Qbank

1,925+ Questions | 3 months


1,925+ Questions | 12 months


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Take Your Learning Into Hippo-Drive

Practice questions are great for drilling key concepts, but education is not always one-size-fits-all. Mixing up your studies with different mediums can help boost retention, especially if you’re a more visual or auditory learner. Strengthen your memory and get an extra truckload of confidence for your test with laugh-out-loud talks by master educators, interspersed with high-quality questions, and make your learning really sticky.

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