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Tick Borne Illness | Part 2

Solomon Behar, MD and Jason Woods, MD
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Tick borne illnesses are common in the United States and tend to have a geographic distribution specific to the distribution of the tick vector. Bites commonly in the spring to early fall months when ticks are active and seeking out blood meals. The most common tick-borne illness in the US is lyme disease but other diseases include Rocky mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, Tularemia, Ehrlichia, and Tick paralysis. Sol chats with Jason woods to discuss clinical presentation, treatment, and prevention of these tick borne diseases.

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Anna A., MD -

Thanks for this great review! I saw a patient yesterday with malaise, fever, tick bites, no rash. He had hyponatremia and elevated LFTs. I can’ be sure which tickborne illness he had, but sent off the serologies and treated with doxycycline. Your review helped me immensely in thinking about the diagnosis, asking the right questions, and for discussion with patient and family. You helped everyone involved. Thanks!

Mike W., MD -

Fantastic to know that this worked out - thx for sharing!!

John S. -

When working overseas in malaria, dengue, etc. areas, I use a 0.5% concentration of permethrin and soak my clothes and mosquito net in it. Allow to dry in the sun. Does not smell and does not generally give any irritation. You can even wash the clothes 4-6 times and have it effective.
Permethrin will ruin watch crystals and eyeglasses.

Mike W., MD -

Thx John for the great tips!!

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