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Fever in the Returning Traveler

Matthew DeLaney, MD and Christopher Greene, MD
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Fever is a common symptom in patients who travel internationally. While the overall rates of morbidity and mortality in these patients is low, providers must consider rare but potentially lethal causes of fever. A detailed travel history may help narrow down a differential diagnosis, but providers should have a low threshold to obtain further testing in patients who have travelled to malarial endemic areas.

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John S. -

I have been training both American providers and also people in countries around the world in tropical and other illnesses that are common overseas. i was delighted to hear such a great review from this presentation.

My experience of prevention of malaria and other mosquito borne illnesses jibes with the speakers.

Failure of continuing malaria prophylaxis or not thinking they needed it is very common.

Often the person has to be the advocate to the medical provider about how to treat malaria, etc.

During the peak ebola epidemic, I was in different West African countries training health teachers for the prevention of ebola. A week after returning, I developed what I was sure was a kidney stone, but when I went to the ER, I told everyone that I needed to be isolated for the protection of the hospital just in case it was ebola. Every person who was caring for me ignored this even though I gave them my credentials, my travel history and knowledge of ebola.

Mike W., MD -

wow, crazy story - I am sure they just didn't know the protocols in place... or were in denial... And congrats on using your skills to help others esp during the ebola outbreak. We need more of you in this world!

John S. -

A short module on Traveler's Diarrhea, both prevention and treatment would go well with this information.

Mike W., MD -

Thx for the suggestions!! Will put it on the list

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