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Kids, School and COVID

Ryan Padrez, MD and Lisa Patel, MD

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In this Hippo Education bonus, Dr. Lisa Patel from our Peds RAP team sits down with Dr. Ryan Padrez, Medical Director at The Primary School, Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at Stanford University and Executive Committee member on the Council of School Health at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). They discuss the most recent AAP guidance published on COVID-19 planning considerations for school re-entry and suggested protocols on suspected COVID-19 and contacts.

Deborah S. -

Good information!

There are a few things healthcare providers can really help with that include - PLEASE do not write orders for things that are not medically needed because a parent does not agree with, for example, the state mandated mask order. Schools are receiving orders for children to have "frequent mask breaks". This is dangerous to other children and staff. These orders are being received for children who have never had an inhaler at school, have never had a documented respiratory issue at school, etc. When this occurs, you are trying to make a parent happy, but you create all kinds of unsubstantiated drama for a school already struggling to keep everyone safe. I am listing one example, but I have many.

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