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Dermal Avulsion Injuries

Brian Wai Lin, MD and Mizuho Morrison, DO
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Brian Lin discusses an effective method of dealing with common superficial dermal avulsion injuries.

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Oriana W., -

Hi! Longtime listener, first time commenter. I've got to say, I used this technique in the walk in clinic tonight and it worked like a charm! I'm not sure what I would have fumbled around with before listening to this podcast, but I got to look like a rock star and impress the resident, the other staff and the patient! UC RAP for the win!

Mizuho M., DO -

HOORAY!!! So glad to hear it! Strong work and thanks to Brian Lin for the practical/awesome tips! Thanks for the feedback! ~Mizuho

Mohammed A. -

Just used it ... Superb results! ... Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Mike W., MD -

Glad it worked - thx for the comments!

Lauren F. -

I tried this out twice this past week and it worked awesome!! I told a physician I worked with about it and he was astounded that you could let a digit soak in lido with epi. We did the technique together and he kept raving about how awesome it was. He's been practicing in Urgent care and ER for many years and said this is one of the best things he's learned in the past couple of years. One of the patients was on blood thinners and it just worked amazing. I also posted this technique on several of the Physician Assistant Facebook pages. Thank you so much! Lauren Flint, PA-C

Mizuho M., DO -

So great to hear! Thanks Lauren for the feedback!!!

Danielle V., PA-C -

Amazing!!! Shared with my coworkers as well - everyone was so impressed with the results.

Mike W., MD -

Great to hear, thx for the feedback!

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