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Mike Weinstock, MD

No me gusta!

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Mike Weinstock discusses the benefits of Fundoscopy and how to best utilize this exam.


Golombievski E, et al. Frequency of Direct Funduscopy Upon initial encounters for Patients with headaches, altered Mental status, and Visual changes: a Pilot study. Frontiers in Neurology 2015;6:1-3

Marcus R. -

One significant limitation to the fundoscopic exam is the dated tool. I have been using the Welch Allyn PanOptic ophthalmoscope for the past 7 years and life is so much easier with it. No need to dim lights, 50% greater viewing area and simply amazing. If you haven't tried one you should it make a huge difference.

Mike W., MD -

I use both (most of our rooms have the PanOptic) and agree you can see more w it - as with the standard ophthalmoscope, it also takes some practice. Thx for the comments!

Mike W., MD -

PS If you would like to have some comments which we broadcase on the show (easy stuff, perhaps 1-2 minutes of your thoughts), please contact me directly at

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