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The Summary

Mizuho Morrison, DO and Mike Weinstock, MD
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No me gusta!

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Andrew A. -

Amazing as always!

Matt M., MD -

Loved guys have definitely mastered the art of making things enjoyable to listen to, and extremely relevant to clinical urgent care medicine. Keep it up! Regarding spider bites...yeah, I've been saying for a long time that the spider community has the absolutely worst PR/Marketing dept in the world - I've started developing a strange sort of pity/empathy for them - those poor suckers get blamed for just about everything and anything that happens to the skin. And 99% of the time when you ask, "Did you kill a spider?", or "Did you see a spider?", or "Had there been any recent spider sightings?" - the answer is invariably "No". The segment was a nice summary...

Mizuho M., DO -

love that you are PR for the spider community. LOL. thanks for listening and your feedback as usual Matt. ~Miz

Mike W., MD -

Thx Matt and I agree... these spiders get a bad rap!

Linda K., 5787290 -

I have listened to all 29 episodes of Urgent Care RAP because I am a new Urgent care doctor. (transitioning from Primary Care) So helpful! My boss even listens to them. I find I use something I learned from this all of the time. One question, why doesn't AAFP have Urgent Care RAP on their list of reportable CME? It would be nice to document this CME along with all of my other CME with the AAFP records.

Mike W., MD -

Wow - so helpful (and welcome) to hear. Good suggestion, we'll look into this!

Chris B. -

Great stuff, y'all.....looking forward to next month's installment! :)

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