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COVID-19: UC/Primary Care Triage

Matthew DeLaney, MD and Matthieu DeClerck, MD

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Covid-19 is a rapidly spreading pandemic that is having worldwide ramifications. As Emergency Rooms and Hospitals quickly get overwhelmed by ill patients, the Urgent Care and Primary Care settings are playing critical roles in identifying who can go home vs. those that need to be transferred to the Emergency Department for further evaluation and treatment. This ability to act as levies, to the large number of patients during this pandemic, is helping to preserve the ED and Hospital “resources” for those critically ill patients that need it most.

To assist UC and PC providers in making these decisions the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) have published a set of criteria that break suspected Covid-19 patients into 2 categories. Category 1, who can go home; and Category 2, who should be transferred to the ED.

References: Accessed 4/6/2020

Ian L., Dr -

There is a study that maintains that self -swab for Covid -19 RT-PCR is safe according to a University of Washington study by Professor Gerard Cangelosi . -Cangelosi said you do not need testing deep into the nasal cavity --"the brain biopsy " -The FDA warns that only symptomatic patients ought be tested in this way for now ,

James S. -

Thanks for putting this out. Very usable info. Keep up the good work!

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