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Chest pain: New Data, New Directions

Mizuho Morrison, DO and Mike Weinstock, MD

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Miz & Mike discuss the heart score & new evidence demonstrating the  potential for expedited outpatient workup in lieu of inpatient risk stratification. For more information and 2 hours of free CME, join us on Wed Sept 26th from 10A-12P (EST) - register at:

Elizabeth M. -

Missed the ACPS talk! Can we listen after the fact, and still earn the CMEs?

Mike W., MD -

Yes! It will stay at the same site and the live chat transcript is now up also! Go to:

Raj S., 7819403 -

can we ask questions on some past lectures.
e.g. I feel heart score looks attractive but does not always help. History seems the most important to me. As EKG changes, risk factors and age are many times fixed factors and the same patients keeps coming every week with chest pain. We should also look into when did the patient have last stress test or Angio. How active is patient and if he had no chest pain while doing treadmill for one hour etc. I need your comment please. Just by applying heart score, at times it will look like we have many patients who need to be admitted.

Mike W., MD -

Thx Raj and some really great points! Yes history is key and even within the HEART score, there is a 2 points for history or a super duper strong 2 points for history... same score but MUCH more concerning with certain stories! Same for family history - if your identical triplet siblings both died earlier in the morning of a MI... well... seems pretty strong. The main use of the HEART score is to be confident sending home low risk patients who will then have further evaluation as an outpatient - this should improve their care and decrease risk of a false positive test in the hospital. Perhaps we can use this for further discussion during one of the intros. Thx for the great thoughts!

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