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COVID Antibodies and Immunity

Mizuho Morrison, DO and Jenny Beck-Esmay, MD

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Dr. Mizuho Morrison & Dr.Jenny Beck Esmay both having had covid themselves, briefly discuss the clinical course and what presence of IgM vs. IgG signifies. They discuss what we currently know about antibody testing (national availability, reliability, sensitivity) as well as convalescent plasma transfusion (CPT) and criteria for donation vs. recipient.

published on 6/1/20



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Additional references:

Marshall R., Mr. -

Dr. Morrison,
It has been six weeks since this article was published. Any updates on the immunity study? Have you heard of any cases of reinfection after recovery in confirmed COVID 19 positive patients?

Mizuho M., DO -

Hi Marshall, Thanks for your questions. No robust data updates quite yet . We will continue to monitor and report when something substantial is published. In terms of re-infection, there have only been few case reports on this, and lots of questions re: accuracy of diagnosis (ie: was it a single infection that improved and then resurged? ; vs questionable initial infection with similar sxs that was proven on "2nd" infection). More to come! Thanks for listening Marshall!

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