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COVID-19: The Long Game

Manie Beheshti, MD and Matthieu DeClerck, MD

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Dr. Matthieu DeClerck talks to Dr. Manie Beheshti on how the healthcare system should approach the “re-opening” of society as we plan the lifting of social restrictions. What safety implementations need to be in place in order to protect our most vulnerable patients. What changes can we anticipate in the healthcare system moving forward. 

kate h. -

I work in a UC that is also now split into a UC/ respiratory clinic. As we look to this upcoming cold/flu season we are anticipating large numbers of patients. Any advice on what a UC/respiratory clinics could look like this season to run safely and efficiently.
Also, I am wondering if I can safely send people back to work sooner than 10 day quarantine with 1 NEG covid and POS other test such as RSS, RSV, influenza, ect. I am just looking for advice on how to get people back to work as quickly and safely as possible.
thanks for your advice and appreciate any other insight you can provide for this upcoming cold/flu season.

Mike W., MD -

Thx for reaching out Kate. I would rec going to the CDC site for guidance as these recommendations change frequently as well different geographic rates of covid. But yes, this will be a very busy and difficult cold and flu season!!

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