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Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

Jeff Lapoint, MD and Mizuho Morrison, DO
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Understand pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of cyclical vomiting syndrome.


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Paul B. -

I was wondering if you had any link to any protocol that you know of, as well as a reference list.
I am thinking about putting it forward to our department group, as a possible treatment option in our ED. I find that like the audio experience you look at these guys/gals and they really are investigated repetitively to bourke and back, and the only current emesis experience option is Droperidol which means usually a potential sleep and stay in the department short stay unit. Really interesting as our state is going through the THC medical / delegalisation social discussion.

Mizuho M., DO -

Things have changed even from this segment, so we will investigate and get back to you!

kate h. -

We had a case of CHS in the UC today and were reviewing this episode. We were wondering if there was any more explanation as to why the Edibles do not cause CHS. Thank you for any explanation or links.
Also and interesting bit if information the patient said that his symptoms became more sever when he traveled from his warm home in Oregon to the bitter cold of Wisconsin where it has been below 5 degrees all week.

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