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Indirect Impact of COVID-19 on Children

Solomon Behar, MD, Katherine D'Harlingue, MD, and Celine Sparrow, MD

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Children seem to be less affected than adults by the direct effects of COVID-19 infection, but the pandemic has brought forth other health risks to the pediatric population. Sol Behar interviews Oakland, CA based primary care pediatricians Celine Sparrow and Katie D’Harlingue about the indirect  impact of COVID-19 on children. Topics covered include home school and academic achievement, mental health issues, and nutrition/food insecurity. 

Solomon B., MD -

These links (see below) were kindly sent in by one of our awesome listeners (emrodda)...thanks for connecting us with these resources!


Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 6:28 p.m. UTC

Hi Sol,
I’m a PNP in primary care and just finished listening to the show about indirect impacts of COVID on children. I wanted to share two resources that I have been giving families on nearly every call:
1. Warehouse of vetted online resources for education, physical activity, and emotional wellness:
2. Trauma-informed picture book to discuss COVID with children:

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