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Peds Board Review

Engaging video lectures, adaptive Qbank & up to 154.75 hours of CME

Taking the boards is stressful enough; let us handle your study plan. Pass your exam and earn CME with engaging videos and a 1,250+ question Qbank that gets smarter with every use.

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Want just the questions? Try Hippo Peds Qbank.

Adaptive exam prep with our 1,250+ question Qbank. Our learning algorithm hones in on your weak areas, helps you focus and shows how you stack up against your peers. Great for cramming or for regular use to keep you sharp while earning CME credit.

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Want just the video lectures? Try Hippo Peds Foundations.

A comprehensive pediatric review featuring engaging, high-yield video education to help you brush up on key topics. Get 10-20 minute videos served up in a relatable, conversational style. Works well as a core content refresher or as a supplement for board review.

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Peds RAPReviews & Perspectives

A High-Yield, High-Entertainment Monthly Audio Podcast

Stay sharp and transform your commute time (or dog-walking time, or gym time, or dish-washing time) into CME. Our monthly 3-hour audio program breaks down peer-reviewed, clinically-relevant pediatric topics into short, digestible segments that you can use during your next patient visit (all while earning CME credit). Our medical educators read the journals and distill the most important info; all you have to do is listen.

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Our Educators are Pediatrics All-Stars

  • Aaron Bright
  • Aaron Leetch
  • Andrea Thorp
  • Ann Dietrich
  • Brittney DeClerck
  • Cameron Berg
  • Candace_Smith-King
  • Chan Lowe
  • Cy Rangan
  • Dan Joseph
  • Dara Albert
  • Doris Greenberg
  • Emily Rose
  • Erica Lawson
  • Eugene Izsak
  • Eyal Ben Isaac
  • Laura Sells
  • Lindsey Gould
  • Liza Kearl
  • Matt Declerk
  • Michael Stoner
  • Michelle Thompson
  • Mizuho Spangler
  • Noelle Hammerbacher
  • Parul Bhatia
  • Paul Jhun
  • Pierangelo Ranella
  • Rachel Cramton
  • Ronen Zipkin
  • Roy Benaroch
  • Solomon Behar
  • Sue Kirelik
  • Suzanne Reed
  • Tracy Zaslow
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