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Paper Chase #3 | Cardiac Screening in Adolescent Soccer Players

Andrew Buelt, DO and Joe Weatherly, DO
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The incidence in this cohort of sudden cardiac death was 0.38% of the players monitored.

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Ian L., Dr -

Of the 42 athletes during that screening programme who were found to have a cardiac diagnosis at risk of sudden death most had interventions or were advised not to play competitive soccer.
25 had Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome and 24 had ablations.
2 had anomalous coronary vessels repaired .
3 had valvular lesions repaired including 2 with severe aortic regurgitation .
3 with long QT were put on B blockers .
8 with cardiomyopathy were told they ought not participate in the elite soccer sports .
At the end of the study period Jan1 1996 - Dec31 2016 over twenty years 40 out of 42 were alive (95%) .
Of the eight 16 year olds that died seven were found on autopsy to have cardiomyopathy not detected at screening because the disease was not manifest at that time of their age or the ECG and Cardiac Echo's were not sensitive enough .
In addition 225 athletes (2%) had congenital or valvular abnormalities .
With 40 lives likely saved and 225 valvular and congenital abnormalities found Screening with greater acuity is justified and ought be mandated : At least 4 out of 1000 lives of 16 year olds could be saved .

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