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The New Flu Review 2018-19

Lisa Patel, MD and Solomon Behar, MD

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Lisa and Sol review the latest recommendations issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics for the 2018-19 influenza vaccine and management of influenza illness.

Ian L., Dr -

A study in 2003by AokiFY et al eight authors J AntiMicob Chemotherapy 2003 Jan; 51 (1) 123-129 found that early administration of osteltamavir within 12 hours not 48 hrs reduced influenza illness by 74.6 hour (3.1 days )
The need if these studies are validated is to rapidly treat flu like illness in the flu season confirmed if possible by Rapid Turnaround PCR
in at risk patients eg Pregnant Women Elderly with CoMorbidities Children under 2 years especially premature and with congenital illness .
So a prior to flu season identification of at risk people with a system in place to react rapidly if they become ill is warranted .
Chemoprophylaxis opportunity has to be realised in at risk contacts and ought be administered within at most 48 hrs of exposure earlier likely to be more efficacious .
CDC recommendations 2017- 2018 are comprehensive and it would be instructive to study the adherence to those guidelines in the last influenza season and how many adverse outcomes followed Non -Adherence .

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