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Race and Medicine: Skin of Color

Jenna Lester, MD, Neda Frayha, MD, and Jay-Sheree Allen, MD

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Do you know how eczema may look different on skin of color compared to light skin?  How about psoriasis? Or melanoma? Why do our dermatology lectures feature rashes and skin cancers on light skin only? Dr. Jenna Lester, the dermatologist at UCSF and the founder and director of UCSF’s Skin of Color program, joins our own Dr. Jay-Sheree Allen and Dr. Neda Frayha for a pearl-packed conversation to help us all improve our diagnosis and treatment of skin of color.

Posted 12/16/2020


  1. Images of atopic dermatitis in skin of color

  2.  Images of psoriasis in skin of color

  3.  Images of rosacea in skin of color

  4.  Images of acral lentiginous melanoma in skin of color

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