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Race and Medical Education

Millard D. Collins, MD, FAAFP, Renee Crichlow, MD, FAAFP, Neda Frayha, MD, and Jay-Sheree Allen, MD

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In this installment of Hippo Education’s Race and Medicine series, Jay and Neda dive into some of the unique challenges facing Black medical students and residents. They also discuss solutions in both undergraduate and medical education with two experts in the field: Dr. Millard Collins, Chair of the Department of Family & Community Medicine at Meharry Medical College and Dr. Renee Crichlow, former Director of Advocacy and Policy in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. She is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Codman Square Community Health Center and incoming Vice Chair of Health Equity at Boston University Department of Family Medicine.

Posted 02/10/2021




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