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The Hot Sheet: October 2016

Heidi James, MD and Rob Orman, MD

No me gusta!

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This month we have a little bit of everything for the October 2016 Hotsheet; Vulvar CA, Atypical Antipsychotics, EKG's, Accountability and how Caffeine Improves Lung Function, who knew!


-Heidi takes a trip to the FMX Orlando Conference and comes back with a bevvy of pearls


-When looking for vulvar CA, punch biopsies are OK


-Atypical antipsychotics may help with recalcitrant migraines


-Give your pt a copy of their EKG to put on their fridge or take a pic of it with their phone so when they show up in the ED, they are well prepared


-Dike Drummond says, “Find yourself an accountability partner who will hold you to the changes you want to make.”

-Caffeine improves lung function! FEV-1 show 12-18% improvement. Effect lasts for 4 hrs

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The Hot Sheet: October 2016 Full episode audio for MD edition 5:23 min - 3 MB - M4A