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Open Access Office Booking

Dan Hines and Heidi James, MD
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Discuss an open access scheduling model where patients can make (only) same day appointments.


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Erica H. -

Hi guys,
I experimented with this too, and it didn't work out quite as I expected either. I'll share my experience so others can see the pros and cons. I configured a a schedule with abut 8 patients per day that could prebook physicals or other appointments, the other 12 are same day sicks/open access
1. Very hard to do if you are the only doc in a large practice doing it. The schedulers were having problems with learning how to do open access.
2. Patients didn't like it for follow ups, they didn't under stand just call when you need to come in. Additionally, unless you can guarantee you'll have a visit at a certain time that just doesn't work.
3. Same day appointments get filled often the day before; if you are full and a patient calls and they are sick, we really didn't like saying "call back right at 7 am tomorrow and we'll see if we can get you in"
All that being said, although it's not really what we though it would be I have kept the scheduling template the same. If you call and we have something open, we get you in that day. If not, or if you can't come in that day, we schedule you.

Heidi J., MD -

Hi Erica-
Thanks for these insights! It has certainly played out much differently than we anticipated; sounds like our experiences are very similar. A learning curve all around!

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