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New Groundbreaking AAP Guidelines for Managing Fever in Young Infants 8-60 Days

Mizuho Morrison, DO and Solomon Behar, MD

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We have been trying to figure out which febrile young infants have serious bacterial infections for almost four decades now. We now have a new evidence-based approach that allows us to do less invasive testing with a more precise way to find those sick needles in the haystack.

Drs. Mizuho Morrison & Sol Behar review this “hot off the press” publication by the AAP, which to date is the greatest collaborative effort from all of the thought leaders in pediatrics and incorporates the best research into one comprehensive guideline on how to manage fever in the well appearing young infant.

This latest guideline will give license to clinicians to push the envelope to be more liberal managing very young infants who present with fever. The guidelines may help avoid some invasive procedures (I’m looking at you, LP!), and even manage some of these lower risk patients from the comfort of their homes and with oral antibiotics (or none at all!), rather than shotgunning all of their care on the inpatient ward with broad spectrum antibiotics.

Posted 7/28/2021


  1. Pantell RH, Roberts KB et al. Evaluation and Management of Well-Appearing Febrile Infants 8 to 60 Days Old. Subcommittee On Febrile Infants Pediatrics July 2021. PMID: 34281996 Link to Article, Algorithms, and Tables

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