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Non-Sports Concussion

Jordan Roberts, PA-C and Vanessa Cardy, MD
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Jordan Roberts provides an overview of concussion management in the non-athletes. The guiding principal is to gradually increase the amount of activities patients do, being very mindful to take a step back if symptoms worsen.  Return to work and regular life activities will take time and it is wise to let our patients know to expect at least 3 months before they are fully back to their normal lives.

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Anais S. -

Hello PC Rap team! just as an aside i was looking at VOMS testing and the video i was watching (not the one linked in the show notes) states VOMS testing is only validated from Age 9-40.

Jordan GR -

Hey Anais - Jordan Roberts here. That's a great observation! And I think I know which video you are referring to; if we are on the same page, it's the one from UPMC, the pioneers of sports concussion care in recent years, and as far as I know, home to the creators of the VOMS for sports-concussion assessment.

In the article proposing its use (here:, the authors validated it against the post-concussion symptom score in athletes around ages of 12 to 16 years.

However, I am not familiar with the source the video is referencing to claim that it was developed only for ages 9 to 40 (developed, but not necessarily validated). But I can tell you that in my own practice, we use it with pretty much everyone who is suspected of having a concussion (sports and non-sports).

Our experience has found it to be a good screen for the presence of vestibular-ocular dysfunction in most patients, and in many cases if this is positive, and the clinical history suggests it, we will refer them for vision or vestibular rehab. I don't think I have too much peer-reviewed evidence to support that, but I'd love to hear if you know of any other data supporting or refuting its use in other populations. Thanks again for your comment!

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