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Gut Biome

Brandon Grove, MD and Heidi James, MD
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No me gusta!

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Brandon brings us interesting research showing the bacteria that colonize our bowels may be big players in everything from our dietary preferences to autoimmune diseases and beyond.  Increased levels of pro-inflammatory bacteria have been found in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Micro-biome also appears to have a circadian rhythm which may have medication timing implications.


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Brian F. -

Has anyone attempted to treat the gut biome in humans with Parkinson's using similar methods?

Heidi J., MD -

Great question, Brian! Here's Brandon's reply:

Hey, Brian. Thanks for the question. Digging deeper (pun sort of intended), there is anecdotal evidence within the medical literature of gastroenterologists noting improvement in Parkinson’s as well as several autoimmune disorders when treating for recalcitrant C. difficile with fecal transplants. As far as I can find, however, no one has yet had the guts (pun most definitely intended) to publish a clinical trial of large scale fecal transplants for Parkinson’s disease. I’m sure we will see such studies once they can convince people to accept the possibility that that they might be in the control arm and get something other than “the good stuff” in their enema bag.
All kidding aside, I do believe it is simply a matter of time and we will see the data. Hope that helps. Take care as you take care.

Brian F. -

Thanks, Heidi, and Brandon! Interesting. Poop may have a bright future..

Heidi J., MD -

hilarious ;)

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