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Neda Frayha, MD and Aisha Lofters, MD
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Michelle C. -

Would love to know....
Patients with chronic Hep C, can they take small amounts tylenol? or is it recommended they avoid all? I think ideally we would tell them no tylenol but for occasional headache or minor aches and pains, can it be taken in small amounts? I work in addiction medicine and would love to tell some of these patients that small amounts of tylenol would be ok.

Michelle C in Montana

Neda F., MD -

Good news, Michelle - small amounts should be fine! Here are two resources for you: and -- Neda Frayha MD

Erin W. -

I was displeased with the section regarding CBD oil. These products, when purchased from a licensed dispensary, have been rigorously tested - at least in Michigan. The laws are very strict regarding lab testing prior to the sale of these products. I agree that there can be issues with products that are purchased online or from an unreliable source. But please do not make a sweeping statement about these products. As I said before, at a licensed facility these products are undoubtedly CBD oil only, and are showing excellent benefits for a myriad of diseases.

I don't mead to come off as harsh, I love these podcasts and use them primarily for my PA license renewal requirements because I find them to be so helpful. But I have put a lot of energy into understanding cannabis and its medicinal properties and don't feel like you accurately portrayed its benefits.

Neda F., MD -

Hi Erin. Thanks so much for your feedback. If you'd be willing to share the resources and literature you've come across, we'd love to read them and add to our own knowledge base as well. Thanks again for writing in with your thoughts. -- Neda

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