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COVID-19: The Long Game

Manie Beheshti, MD and Matthieu DeClerck, MD

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Dr. Matthieu DeClerck talks to Dr. Manie Beheshti on how the healthcare system should approach the “re-opening” of society as we plan the lifting of social restrictions. What safety implementations need to be in place in order to protect our most vulnerable patients. What changes can we anticipate in the healthcare system moving forward. 


Ian L., Dr -

In the Outdoors there is a claim the chances of Covid -19 are slim.
If this is proven then walking in open areas at a distance would be safe .
So open air clinics are being utilised for testing with some tent like cover to protect from excess sun .
Clinics then ought be well ventilated with fresh air therefore partly open windows maybe with viral screens but on ground floors .
Jobs for workers outside for infrastructure rather than tunnels is a way forward .
As for deliberately infecting children and under 20 Not So Fast some get quite ill and in some reports 5-10 % need oxygen and hospital admission .

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