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Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

Neda Frayha, MD, Solomon Behar, MD, Mike Weinstock, MD, and Matthieu DeClerck, MD

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Our panel of podcast hosts from a variety of practice settings discuss the logistical and psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers and discuss strategies to mitigate the stress associated with the pandemic.


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Ian L., Dr -

Thank you hippo education team for your work and advice continually updated . -In Australia the Government has introduced phone call and teleconferencing items for doctors in isolation because of having Covid 19 OR being in contact with Covid 19 OR at risk of Covid 19 example over 70 or with comorbidities so allowing even retired doctors to do locums for a practice . -Also the Health Departments are setting a specialised respiratory clinics well equipped to take the pressure of emergency departments and general practice . -So I suppose 1 in 10 urgent care clinics and primary care clinics could be set up for covid -19 screening with full PPE and test kits with fast turnaround . -Australia hospitals are setting up intensive care beds and clearly beds staff and equipment from the 'Elective " -surgery from screening endoscopy and cosmetic surgery and even non urgent joint replacements will be delayed during a surge in which Australia as in moves into winter with lots of respiratory tract infections -exacerbation of copd asthma and heart failure is going to face great challenges.

Ashley S. -

Thank you hippo team for having an episode like this; it's encouraging to hear about similar frustrations and experiences!
-I work in western WA as a family med doc-outpatient with OB- and tested positive; my parents also tested positive and my dad was hospitalized for hypoxia and moderate resp. distress, thankfully recovered after receiving remdisivir.

I think by the end of this pandemic, we will all have (if haven't already) personal stories of impact by covid-19.
Certainly the lack of ___(PPE, testing, support, etc) can be unnerving. It's also uplifting to see how people are coming together in the midst of challenges. I really appreciate one Italian woman's statement in a video about what they would have told themselves 10 days prior to the outbreak-- "We should always be light in spirit but not with our gestures"

Re: social distancing and containment, it's like if we could travel back in time and try to stop influenza from spreading, we would do it! Like many clinics, our clinic is starting to implement more telemedicine options and reschedule nonurgent appts (ie. well visits, etc.). Hopefully this next week we will have more of an ability to test and have reasonable turn around times. Some health care networks and studies are stating we are past the containment mode and into mitigation; we will see what each day brings.
In the meantime, updates like this are so great; let's continue working together and promote peace over panic (while also being realistic:) Thanks again!

Neda F., MD -

Hi Ashley. Thank you for your note. We are so sorry that you and your parents tested positive and that your dad had to be hospitalized. We are so grateful that he is doing better! I agree with your thoughts totally and love the quote from the Italian woman. These are weird, sometimes scary times and we are all figuring out how to live in this new world, day by day. We are so thankful for listeners like you. Please stay in touch. -- Neda

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