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Bonus ShortZoster Vaccine Artwork

Zoster Vaccine

Is it really worth it? View chapters…

6min / one chapter · Free Episode
My Anxieties Have Anxieties ArtworkDecember 2014

My Anxieties Have Anxieties

Welcome to the December Edition of Primary Care RAP! This month we have Anxiety, Ankle Injury, Asthma, Cervical Screening, Headaches and Renal Disease. So let's get to it! View chapters…

3hr 24min / 9 chapters
Is That a AAA In Your Pocket? ArtworkNovember 2014

Is That a AAA In Your Pocket?

Welcome to the November edition of Primary Care RAP. This month we have the diagnosis and treatment of depression, bed bugs, AAAs, (more) anorectal issues, acute chest pain, and marijuana oil. Let's get started! View chapters…

3hr 30min / 9 chapters
Bonus ShortEmpagliflozin (Jardiance) for Type II Diabetes Artwork

Empagliflozin (Jardiance) for Type II Diabetes

A new drug is FDA-approved for Type 2 diabetes. It is an SGLT-2 inhibitor and joins the other two already on the market. We've got a short review for you! View chapters…

3min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortThyroid Nodules Artwork

Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are a common problem in primary care practice. What do you do when you get an inconclusive biopsy result in a low risk patient? We discuss some current literature. View chapters…

13min / one chapter · Free Episode
Butts, Handshakes, Blood and T… Shaky Shoulders and ADHD ArtworkOctober 2014

Butts, Handshakes, Blood and T… Shaky Shoulders and ADHD

Welcome to the October Edition of Primary Care RAP. This month we cover Anorectal Issues, Handshakes, ADHD, Low T, Tremor, Anticoagulants and Shoulder Pain, so let's get to it. View chapters…

3hr 17min / 10 chapters
Bonus ShortPARADIGM Heart Failure Trial Artwork

PARADIGM Heart Failure Trial

The PARADIGM-HF trial has just been published in the NEJM. A study with, at first glance, remarkable findings but already with much controversy. Dr. Mel Herbert M.D. gives a brief overview. View chapters…

5min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortEnterovirus D-68 Artwork

Enterovirus D-68

A new "old" virus has shown up in the US and is wreaking havoc on kids, especially kids with asthma. Dr. Greg Moran M.D. our favorite triple-boarded ID expert gives us an update. View chapters…

4min / one chapter · Free Episode
Pus and Other Wonders ArtworkSeptember 2014

Pus and Other Wonders

Welcome to the next full episode of Primary Care RAP! This month we cover abscesses, HIV, chest pain, e-cigarettes, treatment of DVT and PE, and HPV vaccines and vaccine refusal, so let's get to it! View chapters…

3hr 28min / 11 chapters
Bonus ShortEbola Review Artwork

Ebola Review

In recurring segments we're calling "Shorts" we'll tackle relevant events and topics that can't wait. Here Dr. Greg Moran M.D., infectious disease expert, reviews the current Ebola outbreak. View chapters…

12min / one chapter · Free Episode
All Roads Lead to Cheese Fries ArtworkAugust 2014

All Roads Lead to Cheese Fries

In our inaugural full episode this month we talk clots, Tylenol in pregnancy, head injuries and sports, nosebleeds, flu shots, and the long awaited JNC 8! Don't miss it. View chapters…

3hr 40min / 10 chapters