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Chapter 2

A Burn Surgeon on Burn Management

Rob Orman, MD and Anne Wagner, MD
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Burn surgeon Anne Wagner is back to talk burn management, from the most simple to the critically ill. In this episode: the unusual case of admitting sunburn, management of second degree burns, do all third degree burn patients need referral to a burn center, and a simple strategy for fluid resus in large TBSA burn patients.

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Tim L. -

Hi Rob
Enjoyed the podcast . Just came across podcast from Justin Morgenstern from First10EM . He was not able to find any quality evidence to support debriding /aspirating burn blisters . What little evidence he was able to find seemed to support leaving blasts intact . I am still confused on what to do . Thanks for listening

Tim LaBelle

Rob O., MD -

Tim! I saw that as well and have been equally befuddled by the pop vs no pop question. Having asked many experts about this, and gotten different answers (with good rationale behind all), I think you can go either way. Dr. Wagner felt pretty strongly about popping, but this seems to be more of a practice pattern/trend in practice than hard evidence based move.

Michael K. -

Great podcast thank you!!.. Mayonnaise is interesting but what alternatives are there more commonly available in the ED so I dont have to order from the hospital coffee shop :D

Rob O., MD -

Wait. You don't have mayo to go with your turkey sandwiches in the ED????

Michael K. -

haha.. unfortunately we dont have Turkeys in SA and mayo definitely will need a trip out of the ED to find and some confused nurses staring at you when you tell them to apply mayo to a patient!

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