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Chapter 2

How to learn from a lecture

Rob Orman
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Amal Mattu stops by to talk about the best way to get the most from attending (as well as giving) a lecture.

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Constantine P. -

Rob, I'm just catching up on some of the older podcasts. This is a great and I really like Amal's perspective of inspire vs transfer information. I have taught in the military and now as the guy who runs a program that prepares our diplomatic posts to survive casualty producing events. Our audience ranges from local embassy staff from the host nation to Ambassador to the medical professionals at a post.
Each audience has different perspectives/motivations for the engagement. I try make sure that my team works to understand why someone is sitting in the class and sometimes that is not understood until you meet them which means that you sometimes have to be flexible in how you emphasize the information. I tell the team keep the objectives down to 4 - 5 take points/hour, what do you REALLY want them to know. The advantage I have is that we teach from a the same slide decks but we DO all have different styles when engaging participants.

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