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Chapter 8

Rojo Mojo: Non Sedated Shoulder Reduction

Rob Orman, MD and Walker Foland, MD
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No me gusta!

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Rojo Grande is back with his clinical approach to dislocated shoulders.

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jeff s. -

I’ve been looking for for years, and here I found where it now lives. Unfortunately, the website he mentioned ( didn’t take me there. It was close enough, though, that I found it at This was worth the price of admission!

Rob O., MD -

Thanks for the info Jeff!

Aaron I. -

Awesome segment. I've tried unsedated reductions a few times and had more failures then successes, but I'm looking forward to recalibrating my approach.
A couple questions:
Do you typically provide anything up front for pain/anxiety before you try an unsedated reduction?
If the unsedated reduction doesn't work or the patient isn't relaxed enough, will you try analgesia before going to sedation?
Any thoughts on intraarticular injections prior to attempting reduction?

Rob O., MD -

Hey Aaron,
Here is the reply from Walker El Rojo Grande Foland

I don’t usually give anxiety meds before a reduction, because I don’t like benzos messing up my sedation if I fail... which happens believe it or not.

Sometimes I give fentanyl for pain control, quick on and off. Usually I give this after a first failed attempt.

I have done intrarticular injections. I don’t make a habit of it because of the possibility of infection, but it does work great.

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