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Chapter 1

How to Save PPE and Reduce Exposure, HIPAA Relaxes

Amy Cho, MD, Rob Orman, MD, and Jason Adler, MD

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In today's episode, emergency physicians Amy Cho and Jason Adler break down novel ways to limit use of PPE while at the same time minimizing contact with potentially infected patients. We also talk about how government regulations have obstructed our ability to provide intelligent care but now those regulations are starting to relax, a few seconds on washing your gloves,  how do you respond when a COVID patient is coding (more of a question than an answer in this conversation), and what are the next steps in leadership that can make an impact.

There  are so many excellent resources currently regarding COVID-19 that, moving forward, we are only going to try and cover what we are not seeing or hearing anywhere else. There is a  link below to our newsletter which has some excellent resources that ERcast is using to stay current. 


CMS Expands Telehealth: Link to CMS page with this info

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