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October 2018
1hr 20min

Las Vegas Mass Casualty, TIA, Primum Non Nocere

A first hand account of the emergency department response to the 2017 Las Vegas strip shooting that left 59 dead and over 800 wounded. Discussion of preparation with 20 minutes warning, how to keep patients flowing as they enter the hospital as well as once they’re in the treatment area, effective triage, critical steps to simultaneously resuscitating large numbers of trauma patients. View chapters…

September 2018
2hr 42min
2.25 CME Hours

Cirrhosis, Topical Steroids, Skill Decay, Antibiotics, Diarrhea, WWWD

We first discuss emergency department management of patients with complications of cirrhosis. Next up,classification and use of topical steroids in the acute care setting and then methods to combat skill decay in emergency medicine practice. WWWD - Discuss management of refractory Type 1 respiratory failure and borderline hypotension in patients in septic shock. View chapters…

August 2018
2hr 23min
2.25 CME Hours

The Dying Asthmatic, Button Batteries, Effective Leaders, Ischemic Bowel, APAC

Discuss airway and ventilatory management of the asthma patient in extremis who is recalcitrant to standard therapy. Discuss evaluation and treatment of children who have ingested a button battery. Discuss methods of effective (and ineffective) leadership. Discuss utility of obtaining an acetaminophen level before four hours post ingestion in overdose patients. View chapters…

July 2018
2hr 31min
2.25 CME Hours

Epi and CA, Stab Wounds, Reframing, Ultrasound or CT, IV Fluids, Mono

The pendulum never seems to stop swinging when it comes to the efficacy of epi in cardiac arrest. Kenji Inaba breaks down management of stab wounds - irrigation, wound repair, and vascular evaluation. A change in perspective can change everything. Mike Mallin from the Ultrasound Podcast breaks down when we should start with ultrasound versus go straight to CT and How long is mono shed in saliva? View chapters…

June 2018
2hr 4min
2.25 CME Hours

June 2018: IM in the ED, HSP, Behavior, Suboxone and ATLS

Internist Neda Frayha sprinkles some IM in the ED and then Emily Rose walks us through diagnosis, treatment of HSP. Next we have Addiction medicine specialist Ken Starr argues in favor of buprenorphine in the acute treatment of opiate withdrawal. Trauma team leader Andrew Petrosoniak explains why when providers rigidly follow ATLS, patients may suffer. View chapters…

May 2018
2hr 29min
2.25 CME Hours

May 2018: GI Bleed, Extubation, Scribes,Troponin and Neonatal Intubation

Rob and Tom Deloughery discuss management of actively bleeding patients who have been prescribed anticoagulation medications. Scott Weingart walks us through the whys and hows of extubating patients in the ED. Scribes clearly can be helpful in adding to the efficiency of the ED workflow, they have understandable challenges when it comes to documenting critical parts of the medical record. Rob and Adam Rowh discuss what is the utility of a second (delta) troponin in a patient presenting with chest pain. Rob and Andy Sloas, DO discuss Neonatal Intubation. View chapters…

April 2018
1hr 19min

April 2018: Zdogg, C Diff & Addiction

Find out why Zdogg MD does what he does and get a whiff of the new C Diff guideline changes in the April 2018 archive. View chapters…

March 2018

March 2018: Pseudoseizures (PNES)

ERcast archives from 2018 View chapters…

February 2018
1hr 33min

February 2018: When Consultants Give Bad Advice

ERcast archives from 2018 View chapters…

January 2018
1hr 43min

January 2018: Bicarbonate in DKA, cellulitis, and performance coach Jason Brooks

ERcast archives from 2018 View chapters…