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Straight talk about emergency medicine with Dr. Rob Orman

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Down-to-earth clinical topics and what it really means to “work in the ED” with the legendary Rob Orman.

Manageable monthly episodes cover everything you need to know about what's current in EM, plus practice-changing information from Essentials of Emergency Medicine.

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Gannon Dudlar

Chicago, IL

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital

Rob always brings it back to "Ok, so what exactly do you do?" when he is interviewing people and as a community doc, I value practice over theory.

Steve Davis

Denver, CO

The content is great, and I've learned things that have helped me directly in clinical practice, from splinting to DKA. Dr. Orman covers more than just clinical medicine; he also covers lifestyle, night shifts, investing. Medicine is more than knowing pathophys and pharm--it's also about how to deal with people effectively and so much more.

Catherine Michael

Indianapolis, IN

St. Vincent Hospital

ERcast is informative, packing a lot into a short time. I enjoy the sense of camaraderie between the educators, the insider medical humor and the shared challenges that go along with practicing emergency medicine.

Cynthia Griffin

Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin Medflight

Great host! Down to earth, asks the questions I'm thinking of, has a humble attitude and is funny and entertaining. It's obvious that Rob practices ED, which I appreciate since academics is nothing like community, and I need to know how to deal with patients without always having a consultant on hand.

Andrew Bonnell

I collect info from a large variety of sources, so I listen to a lot of the other stuff out there already. ERcast specifically provides guidance on not-strictly-EM/CC that I don't get elsewhere, like the anorexia nervosa or suicide risk assessment episodes. More of the human side of things.

Andy Lichtenheld

Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin County Medical Center

ERcast shaped the physician I aspired to be throughout medical school and now as a resident ERcast is like an old, trusted friend who sits down to share wisdom and knowledge that is as broad and variable as is the world of emergency medicine.

Joseph Colucci

Boston, MA

Student, Boston University School of Medicine

Rob focuses on relevant topics that aren't too hyper-technical. I've listened to the suicide risk assessment episode about a half-dozen times (all before med school!). Most importantly, Rob is a phenomenal educator who clearly puts time and effort into presenting his points effectively and engagingly. It works, and it's much appreciated.

This is the Sound of ERcast

The Chest Pain Summit

A consensus summit with world experts and primary researchers focused on the question, “After a negative ED evaluation for ACS, is an expedited outpatient evaluation a safe alternative to admission?”  

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Evidence Based Hyperkalemia Management

Hyperkalemia is one of, if not the most, common electrolyte abnormalities we see. But much of what we do in treatment is what someone told us to do when we were young learners. In this episode we debunk hyperkalemia myths and discuss an evidence based approach to management

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Essentials of EM Bonus: When to Call a Code in the Field + 2019 Reg is Open!

Corey Slovis from Essentials of EM 2016 breaking down when to call a prehospital code, and when to keep the resus going. Why a bonus episode? Well, if all I said was that registration for EEM 2019 was now open, and left it at that, well, that would be lame. This way, I can say it, but there’s some meat with the potatoes. Not just potatoes.  

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Las Vegas Mass Casualty: How One ED Made Order Out of Chaos

A first hand account of the emergency department response to the 2017 Las Vegas strip shooting that left 59 dead and over 800 wounded. Discussion of preparation with 20 minutes warning, how to keep patients flowing as they enter the hospital as well as once they’re in the treatment area, effective triage, critical steps to simultaneously resuscitating large numbers of trauma patients.

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Rob Orman, MD

Attending Emergency Physician at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, CO and Santiam Hospital in Stayton, OR

A multiple award winning educator and lecturer, you may know Dr. Orman from EM:RAP or as the host of Essentials of Emergency Medicine and the ERcast podcast. His goal with ERcast is to demystify aspects of medicine that make us anxious, normalize the seeming insanity of the job, and dissect the practices and thought processes of masters in the field. Rob is a community emergency physician living in Bend, Oregon who loves cycling, reading, family, and binge-watching Netflix.

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